Cape May - New Jersey

Go out of your way to visit this location. Great beach area, very unique homes and tourist section. After seeing so much of North America this location now has become one of our favorites. The very different multi colored homes are quite pleasing to the eye and the small historic downtown area has just enough shopping to spend a few hours before visiting one of the many restaurants in the area. Have returned and this time stayed a night to enjoy one of our favorite places.

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Cape May - New Jersey

The Story behind the picture

   Cape May for many is far removed and similarly it took many years before we discovered it. How fortunate for us, as this has now become a favorite.  Walking down the main street in the historical area each home takes on a special appearance. For me, it was understanding that homes this size required large families. They were built to reflect the personality of the owner, and all are quite different in shapes and sizes.

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