Bus Ride Crossing Sierra Madres - Mexico

Now here is a trip that will never be forgotten. Windy, narrow roads crossing the Sierra Madres coming from San Antonio, Texas to Mazatlan, Mexico. My wife has said never again will we attempt that, but really if you want a little bit of excitement with excellent mountain top scenery, then this is for you. Passing by small Mexican towns, or even pickup trucks with cows in the back are great experiences, but the views from the mountain tops are priceless.

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Mazatlan, MexicoMazatlan, MexicoMazatlan, Mexico

The Story behind the picture

A favorite to me does not always mean that you want to do it over and over. In fact, in this instance the likelyhood of that occurring is very rare indeed.  Here it was the terrific views from the mountain top, followed by where every corner you thought about what would happen if the bus crashed.  It was as if beauty and danger were together, and you were not sure as to what would occur. One thing for sure, we do remember it vividly and it is brought up in conversations often. 

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