San Antonio - Texas

Amazing re-work of the river area in downtown San Antonio. Makes for a very pleasant walk with the Alamo being close by. For many, including myself, it is amazing to see what can be done to a previously run down area of town. A full day at the Riverwalk area to take in all the sights is a requirement, not an option. We fell in love with it.

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San Antonio - Texas

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One thing about the Riverwalk that was noticed quite early in our visit was that it reminded one of something that was developed centuries prior and that it had been there for years. Definitely not so, but our impressions were that it had stood the test of time. Anyway we really did enjoy the walk along the river, at levels some 10 feet below street level. Cafes or restaurants and stores had been built into basement levels of the buildings above, Cruise boats on the canal itself were sparse enough not to deter from the river appearance. Something to remember, if you visit in January, do a little research on when they dredge or clean the canal. 
Also, next door, is the Alamo, that is worth a visit.

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