Apache Junction Drive - Arizona

This drive from Apache Junction to Roosevelt Lake in mid Arizona is not for the faint at heart. Steep grades & rough roads are commonplace. However, for those that are daring, here is a drive that will not be forgotten. I still can visualize the drive down an unpaved road with curves every 100 feet and meeting a truck ascending the hill with a boat trailer on the back ( I thought it was a mountain ). The picture below was from the valley floor so we were able to complete the descent.

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Apache Junction Drive, Arizona

The Story behind the picture

An experience that brought back those memories of movies past, where Cowboys and Indians fought, where wagon trains were used to transport peoples across a country, where the west was won. This photo exemplifies those thoughts in my mind and I awaited each turn with the hope that heading the other way would be a stagecoach hauled by several horses, whips slashing against the air and guns a blazing.  Mind you, it did not happen, but then again, the possibilities may be there.  
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